After years of thought, months of hard work and days of planning…Class Creator is PUBLIC.

Today we filed a patent and launched Class Creator at EduTECH in Brisbane, Australia.

The response from teachers and principals was even better than we had expected.

It was great to see our solution had captured the “art of class creation” and bought it into the 21st century.

The three of the most common question we received at EduTECH were:

  1. Where have you been all my teaching life?

  2. How do we sign up?

  3. Next, can you build something to write my reports?

Thank you to everyone at EduTECH for dropping by our stand and checking out Class Creator.

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About Tim Bowman

Tim is a passionate educator. At times has been labelled a "Maverick" (amongst other things). He is also the founder of Class Creator and author of "88 Ways to Teach Effectively" (Out mid 2016).