Teacher to Software Developer

After 13 years of working as a teacher, it has been a huge step to take a year off to develop Class Creator. With a mortgage to pay and a family to feed, Corinne and I have had many sleepless nights wondering if we have done the right thing.

However, after the response we have received from our beta users, we’re very excited. We believe Class Creator is on track to having a big influence on education in three areas.

1) Saving  Time

All educators know that there are a lot of factors to take into account when creating new classes. In large schools the task of making new classes can be a tidal wave that hits around the time final reports are being written. Sorting classes to fit the needs of students and the school can be like putting together a jigsaw puzzle without knowing what the picture is.

Our way of collecting data, sorting classes instantly and allowing teachers to edit classes without fearing the “domino effect” will save teachers and principals a lot of hours, at one of the busiest times of year. Class Creator will save teachers and principals a lot of time. Our goal is to save Australian and New Zealand schools a total of 10,000 hours.

2) Making Better Classes

The reason making classes takes so long is because as educators we know class composition matters. It’s not a case of throwing students in any old class. As educators we do our best to make classes that are in the best interest of our students and staff. After reading school policies from all around the world two things are clear; 1) we all make classes differently and 2) we all want our classes to be as good as they can be. Class Creator allows schools to have a clear view of their students and move them with instant feedback on a macro(year level) and micro(student) level. Whether a schools streams or mixes student, whether they ask students for friend preferences or not, Class Creator gives unprecedented control to the educators to make better classes. Part of our mission at Class Creator is to discover the impacts of social compositions in classes, on student’s attitudes to school and academic outcomes. We are currently in discussions and hope to conduct a longitudinal study on the effects of class composition and “How do we make better classes?”

3) Improving Transitions

As Class Creator has evolved we have found a real need to provide a better solution to transitioning and placing students between pre-school/primary school/secondary school. From all over Australia the feedback we have received is many students are being placed in classes without much information being transferred to the receiving school. Therefore, class compositions can be “a real mess”. By allowing feeder and receiving schools a better way to communicate, and place students in classes, we believe Class Creator will allow schools to transition students with better outcomes for all.

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