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Class Creator Demonstration

Welcome to a demo of Class Creator.

Welcome to an 11 minute video demo of Class Creator.

Grab a cup of tea, a biscuit and see how Class Creator is saving schools time and making great classes for tens of thousands of students.

If you only have 2 minutes we have a short version here.

Any questions please send me at

Tim Bowman
Class Creator | CEO

Create Classes in Seconds-

Our powerful algorithm creates balanced classes in seconds. Classes are created by class size, gender, behaviour, academic, social and special needs.

Drag and Drop Editing-

Making classes is as much an art, as it is a science. If you need to tweak the classes created by our algorithm you can simply click on a student’s name and drag them into a new class.

Clash Alerts-

If students are meant to be separated, paired or placed with friends and your changes cause an error you are notified instantly. No more student placement “domino effect”,

Easy Data Collection-

Teachers complete a secure online survey about their current students behaviour, academic, social and special needs. This survey can also be used to recommend student separations, pairings and collect student friendship preferences.

Easy to use-

Our software is designed reduce meetings, not increase them. Our software is simple and ease to use,

Configure your school-

Configure the number, size and types(straight classes or composites/multi-age) of classes. Ideal for figuring out staffing and allocating teachers.

Monitor Progress-

Administrators can monitor who has completed surveys and send reminders.

School Data & History-

All separations, pairings, parent requests and notes are saved for easy reference in the future. No more “But I told you last year!” from angry parents.

Simple School Imported-

Your school’s databases are easily imported using a template we provide. Just copy, paste and upload.

High Security-

Data is hosted in Australia on Microsoft’s Azure Cloud (ASD Certified) and we have implemented industry leading security to keep your data safe.

Designed by Educator-

Class Creator was designed by educators for educators. Our intuitive software aims to make the lives of teachers and administrators easier, and produce great classes.

Great support-

Even though we have designed our software to be simple to use we also provide support videos, online and over the phone support if required.

Save, Print & Export-

Save classes to work on them later. Print classes as a year level for sharing or as individual classes for handover. Export classes to share or for easy upload to your student management system.

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About Tim Bowman

Tim is a passionate educator. At times has been labelled a "Maverick" (amongst other things). He is also the founder of Class Creator and author of "88 Ways to Teach Effectively" (Out mid 2016).