If you haven't listen to The School Leadership Show (iTunes) you should definitely give it go.

Teacher? Principal? Superintendent? Minister for Education? Whoever you are there are a lot of great episodes that will help you save time, improve your performance and work-life balance.

Last week Dr. Mike Doughty,creator and host of the show, interviewed me for an episode.

As a fan of the show I was really nervous :-)

Thankfully Mike, who is also a Deputy Superintendent and experienced educator, is a pro when it comes to interviews.

My interview is titled High-leverage Strategies for Helping Teachers Improve their Craft

A few of my favourites that I recommend you check out are:

  • Email - Why we hate it and how to deal with it
  • Why are we all so bad at giving and receiving feedback?
  • Do you care about your health, happiness and security?
  • We're sick of sitting through bad presentations

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