We were busy in 2015:

  • Thousands of educators
  • 80,000+ students placed in classes
  • Hundreds of schools

Our plan for 2016:

  • Use everything we learnt in 2015 to make Class Creator even better!
  • Help more schools!

With that in mind we’re proud to announce a few (more to come) things we've been working on :

Class Creator Website

As Class Creator goes global we have relaunched our sites :
Homepage: http://www.classcreator.io/ (redirected from .com.au)
Application Login: https://app.classcreator.io/#/login

Configure Surveys

Adjust the surveys to suits the need of your school.

  • Open/Close Surveys
  • Disable Separations/Pairings
  • Set Preferences (None, 3, 4 or 5)
  • Disable Teacher Notes (CC+)
  • Select Literacy & Numeracy or Academic (CC+)

Streamlined Importing

We have streamline the import process. There is new a wizard to walk you through, plus you can use a CSV of regular Excel file :-)

###Sharing and Feedback Our new share feature allows school admins to share classes with any teacher in your school and get their feedback. This feature will save schools even more time by cutting down meetings!

###Login with Microsoft 365 We have teamed up with Microsoft so that teachers will be able to login automatically using their Office 365 credentials. In Australia and not an Office 365 school and would like to be for free? [Please contact us.](https://www.classcreator.io/contact-us/)

###Updated Navigation We are planning on adding a few more features (exciting!) so we have streamlined the navigation bar on the Left Hand Side to make room. The main change will be you will find your Saved classes under the "Classes" tab.

###Customisable Tags Class Creator PLUS schools are now able to create General and Special Needs Tag to fit the need of their school. Special Needs tags might be used for classification of funding, support requirements, specific need, etc. General tags might be used for Sport/Art programs, “Family Requirements”, religion, ethnicity, literally anything that is relevant to student placement at your school.

###Class Creator Blog [Our blog](http://blog.classcreator.io/) has received over **20,000+ visitors this month**. #excited If you have chance, please check it out. If you would like to be a guest blogger please [let us know](https://www.classcreator.io/contact-us/).

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