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Student Placement Policy Template

At Class Creator we understand that making new classes for the upcoming academic year is an extremely complex and important task that can impact the entire year.

Whether you are using Class Creator or not this document provides schools with a starting point, along with some resources make the process a little easier and a little less stressful.

We have highlighted some areas that your school will need to customize.

We have also provided alternatives in areas such as parent feedback (Accepted/Not Accepted) so please delete the section not appropriate to your needs.

This is not a legal document and schools will need to adjust it to suit their needs.

Download the template here.

Please feel free to share it without restriction.

Tim Bowman

CEO of Class Creator (& former teacher)

Student Placement Policy Template Includes:

  • Introduction
  • Table of Contents
  • Student/Class Creation Placement Policy
  • Introduction and Objectives
  • Class Creation Process
    -Split/Composite/Multi-Age/Combined Classes
  • Parents Feedback (Accepted/Not Accepted)
  • Announcement of New Classes
  • Changes in Assignment
  • New Student Enrollments
  • Class Creation Procedure & Timeline
  • Letter to Parents
  • Class Creator Workflow
  • Teacher Assessment Rubric
  • Acknowledgments
  • Contact Us
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About Tim Bowman

Tim is a passionate educator. At times has been labelled a "Maverick" (amongst other things). He is also the founder of Class Creator and author of "88 Ways to Teach Effectively" (Out mid 2016).