Have you ever wondered how many minutes per day, per student you have?...or am I the only one?

I thought about it so much, I decided to work it out....roughly.

I created a spreadsheet (download and try it) to calculate how much time my students spent at school, excluding playground time.

Then I took away all the specialist lessons such as art, sport, music, drama, etc.

Then I made some guesses at how many lessons my students are out of class doing other activities such as sports day, school productions, assemblies, sick, etc.

For the record, I am not saying specialist lessons and "non-classroom" activities are not incredibly valuable!

I love....LOVE specialist lessons and "non-classroom stuff".

I am not saying learning only occurs in the classroom or in isolation by subject. Transdisciplinary teaching is key to well-rounded kids.

I was simply trying to figure out how much time I have with my students to make an impact.


So the result...FOR ME...

Classroom Teaching Time Per Year:

  • 32,490 minutes
  • 542 hours
  • 22 days (24 hours per day)

Classroom Teaching Time Per Student/Day

  • 6 minutes

Is that more or less than you thought?

I actually thought it would be less....it feels like less!

What does it mean?

Something we already knew...time is precious.

It made me even more aware of how much I need to focus on being efficient to become more effective:

  • Creating systems that allow students to be organised quickly and avoid "dead time".
  • Using whole class, small group and individual teaching to get maximum impact from each minute.
  • Encouraging students to work with their peers to learn/solve problems.

As a teacher, having 6 minutes a day also makes me excited. The Family Peace Foundation states, just 8 minutes a day of quality time can build a strong relationship.

A strategically used 6 miutes per day can have a HUGE impact.

As a parent, it also reminds me that my kids greatest educational opportunity, in a time sense, is at home/outside school.