[FREE DOWNLOAD] The Ultimate Student Placement and Class Creation Handbook

After helping primary and elementary schools make over 1,000,000+ student placements, we understand that making new classes is extremely complex.

Every school has unique requirements...

  • behaviour
  • friendships
  • special education needs
  • student-student separations/pairings
  • student-teacher separations/pairings
  • academics
  • parent requests
  • student placement history
  • and MANY more!

As educators, we also understand that schools are incredibly busy and creating class lists is one of many jobs on the "to-do list".

That's why we have created The Ultimate Student Placement and Class Creation Handbook. We have complied all our resources into one document to saves schools time.

Whether you are using Class Creator  or not this template provides schools with a starting point, along with some resources make the process a little easier.

The Ultimate Student Placement and Class Creation Handbook includes:

  • Common Class Formation Factors
  • Timeline of Class Placement
  • Student Placement & Class Formation Policy Template
    (including Purpose & Rationale)
  • Process
  • Editable Rubric for Teacher Assessment
  • Letters to Parents


If you have any questions or feedback please let us know.

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Tim Bowman is the CEO & Co-Founder of Class Creator.  Tim has been a primary school teacher for over thirteen years. His frustration when making classes for his students was the catalyst for Class Creator. Tim is also the author of 88 Ways to Teach more Effectively, an accomplished photographer and the father of two awesome kids.

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About Tim Bowman

Tim is a passionate educator. At times has been labelled a "Maverick" (amongst other things). He is also the founder of Class Creator and author of "88 Ways to Teach Effectively" (Out mid 2016).