The School Leadership Show: High-leverage Strategies for Helping Teachers Improve their Craft

If you haven't listen to The School Leadership Show (iTunes) you should definitely give it go.

Teacher? Principal? Superintendent? Minister for Education? Whoever you are there are a lot of great episodes that will help you save time, improve your performance and work-life balance.

Last week Dr. Mike Doughty,creator and host of the show, interviewed me for an episode.

As a fan of the show I was really nervous :-)

Thankfully Mike, who is also a Deputy Superintendent and experienced educator, is a pro when it comes to interviews.

My interview is titled High-leverage Strategies for Helping Teachers Improve their Craft

A few of my favourites that I recommend you check out are:

  • Email - Why we hate it and how to deal with it
  • Why are we all so bad at giving and receiving feedback?
  • Do you care about your health, happiness and security?
  • We're sick of sitting through bad presentations

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Tim is a passionate educator. At times has been labelled a "Maverick" (amongst other things). He is also the founder of Class Creator and author of "88 Ways to Teach Effectively" (Out mid 2016).